Plan your Work,
Work your Plan

You no longer have to work by trial and error... this is your portrait clinic. You will learn how to deliver consistent work, keeping your style light and lively. It begins with Confidence, and you gain confidence by obtaining the knowledge of posing, and lighting, composition and refinements.

Talent and Technique

Clay will share the 1, 2, 3 method developed by his teacher Monte. Not only brilliant, this technique is your road map to becoming a portrait artist. These techniques help you create a flow at weddings, and make short work of family portraits, seniors and corporate assignments. Talent is great, technique is better..if you have both, nothing can stop you.

Strike a Pose

The pose is critical to flattering the subjects and finding the best angles and that's where we begin. Posing is a lost art…it was developed and refined by the Greek and Roman sculptors thousands of years ago and those techniques were transferred to portraits by the Renaissance painters. Learn how to do Photoshop in the camera by posing your subjects properly during the session, slimming your subjects by finding the best angles for faces and bodies. Every audience participant will be looking through Clay's camera as he makes portraits during this live demonstration portion of the program.

Seeing the Light

Clay's lighting is three dimensional and dramatic, creating form, bringing depth, drawing attention to the face and minimizing the body. This is so different than the flash-on-camera approach that seems to be so prevalent everywhere in today's photography market. Learn how to create big results from small candid strobes! Clay will walk you through portraits in daylight, open shade, bright sun, and window light—light that rivals studio portraiture. You will also be exposed to studio lights, including both strobes and continuous daylight bulbs.

How to Photograph Everyone

Business, children, family, couples and senior portraits will be discussed in full detail. You need the skills required to pose, light and refine each subject in the correct manner. Small easy touches are required in each of the different groups to ensure they are captured correctly. Consistent results are at the heart of this new program with an emphasis on posing, lighting, composition. and expression. Working outdoors and in the studio Clay will show you how to harness the light and create beautiful images of men, women, children, families, brides, individuals, and couples. Clay has photographed tens of thousands of clients: he will teach you what he has learned and will give you a better understanding of what people like and don't like in their portraits.

Group Composition: The Need for Speed

Upgrade your sales with consistent group compositions. Learn how to use two stools to effectively compose groups up to seven…and learn how to create a grandstand effect with simple armchairs. Proper proportion is crucial: proper camera height and depth for all group portraits will be explained. Clay teaches you how to use the person-by-person and reveal-and-conceal techniques to make perfect group portraits every time.

Ready Fire Aim!

With 32 years of photographing weddings and live events Clay will open his Bag of Tricks. Every event has challenges, we have answers—quick to the point shortcuts to help you with your next wedding or on-location event or portrait session.

Clay's trade secret...

Learn the uncluttered effect. As Monte's taught: remove the distractions. Detailed before and after images will help illustrate this for the audience.

Discover your Potential

Inspiration and Passion for getting it right has been Clay's desire for over 32 years. Taking the easy way out is actually the more difficult way. Clay will teach you to command a camera room, an on-location session, wedding, or special event. This one of the best things he can share with you and ties in beautifully with his opening statement, that Confidence is the key!


HDSLR products produced by photographers who understand storytelling add another dimension to their portfolio. They can create pieces that can deeply affect their clients. The most important thing to understand is to know how to produce pieces that emotionally impact the viewer. You will learn powerful linear and non-linear storytelling techniques that create intrigue and hold people's interest and attention. You will learn how to capture moments in motion and arrange them into compelling narratives that will broaden your potential client base and expand your packages and services for existing clients.


Think of the camera as the perspective of your viewer; you will learn 7 different camera movements, all that enhance the emotion of the story. Learn how to develop a style and identity to your filmmaking. HDSLR cameras are not camcorders, they are movie cameras, and you have to acquire the skills to use them that way. Learn how to instantly upgrade your production value with just a few simple and inexpensive tools. We will discuss how to control focus while filming and how to effectively utilize depth-of-field for maximum impact. There is a reason that audio comes first in audio-visual. Professional-quality sound is crucial in bringing your production to life, and we will teach you how to record and utilize audio in your final films.


Enter the world of cinema creation with our LIVE editing demonstration. You will learn 7 important editing techniques that will allow you to bring your footage from the camera and arrange it into an effective story that will later be turned into a final product for your client. There's something for everyone, from the most basic concepts of the timeline and sequences, to powerful effective professional editing techniques such as the L-cut, you will be taught how to make effective HDSLR films from start to finish.

See what people are saying...

"I attended your Photo-Fusion Revolution workshop at Photoshop World last week and haven't been able to stop telling people about it!!"

Chris Kitchen

"Clay Blackmore's presentation on "How to Photograph Everyone" simply wowed an audience that filled the ballroom of the National Press Club in Washington, DC. He described lighting, posing, expression, and composition to an enraptured crowd that didn't want his presentation to end!"

Darlene Shields
Chair, National Press Club's Photography Committee

"Clay is a fantastic teacher. He makes sure his students really "get it," by demonstrating and simplifying key concepts and techniques. My photography took-off after taking his class!"

Christine Morden
Paradise Photography

"If I had only one investment to make in my photographic education it would be a Clay Blackmore class. Clay's hands-on style of high energy and creativity will inspire you to achieve as never before."

Quintin Jackson

"Besides sharing your beautiful craftsmanship, I keep thinking about how well you organized your presentation and provided a lucid and flowing continuity of useful information. Your showmanship and delivery matches the high-quality of your work. Thank you for a productive, thought-proking, and inspiring experience."

Lee Jacknow

"Clay Blackmore is the zen of portrait photographers: lots of know-how, fabulous show-how and he instills the confidence in you that brings his 'Wow' to your images"

Bob Ray

"I was in the audience in Cleveland last night and found the experience fantastic. At seminars like this I usually find myself saying "get to the hard information and keep it coming." That's exactly what you did. You were both very well informed and helpful. I feel energized, armed with hew and useful information and ready to shoot!"

George Payerle
2007 Capture & Creativity Tour attendee, Cleveland

Clay at Work

Working outdoors with natural light

"I was @ the Detroit Capture and Creativity event, all I can say is WOW!"

John Boogard
2007 Capture & Creativity Tour attendee, Detroit

"I like to give credit where credit is due. WOW, what a phenomenal program last evening! Way to go! Joining me last night was my sister, who has embarked on a photographic career just two years ago. She was blown away as well and gleaned more than anyone could imaging in one evening. We both feel the four hours you both shared with us was as good as a one week workshop!"

Beverly Toves
2007 Capture & Creativity attendee, Washington DC

"Clay, I just attended your seminar Sunday Nov. 4th in Irvine. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed it very much! There was so much information, I hope that I can keep it all! I just wanted to say that I got lots of useful information from you with posing and lighting."

Nichol Davis
2007 Capture & Creativity attendee, Irvine

"I attended your one day workshop here in L.A. it was great and I hope I can come again next time!"

Arnel Cruz
2007 Capture & Creativity attendee, Los Angeles

Clay at Work

Teaching with hands-on participation

"I was one of the attendees at the Los Angeles workshop. I just wanted to say thanks, I had a wonderful time, learned a lot and was again inspired by people who are raising the bar in the world of image creation. Thank you again for sharing just a speck of your knowledge and skill."

John Maidment
2007 Capture & Creativity attendee, Los Angeles

"I met you at the seminar in Seattle and would like to thank you and all who made this seminar possible. There is real value in what you are doing. The inspiration alone was worth the admittance price."

Gene Lee
2007 Capture & Creativity attendee, Seattle

"Jeff/Clay: Another great seminar. The photograph Clay took of me during the show has been framed and is on display in our dining room I must say we (my wife and I) think it is the best portrait I have ever had."

Captain Ozzie
2007 Capture & Creativity attendee, Seattle

"Clay captures the emotion of an event so beautifully - the images are truly moving; however, perhaps equally important, he brings his signature positive attitude, his passion, and charm to every event in which he participates."

Doreen Barlow Tisone
Editor, Engaged! Magazine

"Washington Life has been working with Clay Blackmore & Co. for years and we have yet to be disappointed. He and his team are always incredibly professional while on set and they have provided us with some of our most creative and stunning photo shoots to date."

Kelly Fisher
Washington Life Magazine

"Clay shot our wedding and the pictures were incredibly flattering and creative--much more than we could ever had imagined! You only get one chance to capture this one-time event, and Clay exceeded even our high expectations. Trim your flower budget, drop one appetizer, do whatever you need to--just make sure Clay is your photographer. He is SO worth it!!!"

Diane and Dave Thomas

"Clay Blackmore is absolutely fantastic! What we are most impressed with is his ability to relate to us and our guests; he made everyone very comfortable and above all, we had a blast working with him."

Lauren and David Horowitz

"Clay and his team absolutely MADE the wedding! From diving under crowds of people dancing to get the perfect shot to creatively arranging group shots, our photos absolutely capture the every moment of the wedding and reception. I could not have selected a more professional, efficient and easy-going photographer. It has been an absolute dream to work with him."

Annamaria Steward

"One of the most talented photographers in Washington, Clay Blackmore brings heightened elegance to everyone he photographs. He is an absolute joy to work with and plus, that southern accent is priceless. I can't recommend him highly enough!"

Karin Tanabe

"Clay: Your work is spectacular. In addition to taking beautiful pictures, it is so much fun to work with you because you make everyone feel so comfortable--it is as if you are having fun yourself!"

Harriett and Harvey Nusbaum

"Clay, I can't say enough about the work you did for Ruthies wedding!!! You are amazing and wonderful to work with. When I tell you I have watched that video that Jeff sent yesterday, 100 times, trust me, I am not kidding."

Martha Beckler

Sandy Puc'

"Clay Blackmore is an exceptional instructor. He’s funny, delightful, and enjoyable to watch. As he speaks, it's evident he truly loves this profession and thoroughly enjoys sharing his passion with others."

Sandy Puc’

Hanson Fong

"Clay is not only a master photographer, he is a gifted educator. Grab a change to experience his passion, innovation, and expertise."

Hanson Fong

Jane Conner-ziser

"Clay is one of the most passionate, fun-loving, creative, and energetic people I know. As a teacher he is completely unselfish with his impressive knowledge, extensive real-world work experience, and unbridled imagination. Mark any event with Clay as must-see!"

Jane Conner-ziser

Doug Gordon

"Clay's a perfect posing artist, he knows photojournalism, he knows how to make people look good, and he's made a huge difference in my career."

Doug Gordon

David Ziser

"Clay has blended a classic style with the nouveau, his art with the craft, and his technique with the technology to produce an lasting photographic style that excites his clients and photographers alike. Clay's innate photographic talent, firm grasp of today's digital technology, and enthusiastic presentation all combine to make for a great educational experience that should not be missed."

David Ziser
Wedding Photographer

Denis Reggie

"Clay is a dynamo. He knows success in wedding photography and delivers his message with heartfelt passion and is an industry icon worthy of his reputation for excellence. He gives a presentation that's a must for success-bound photographers Both informational and inspirational... put Clay Blackmore's seminar at the very top of your list.... It's a must-see event."

Denis Reggie
Wedding Photographer Extraordinaire and Canon Explorer of Light

Skip Cohen

"The mark great photographers leave in our minds and hearts is far more than just about being able to constantly create incredible images - it's about their ability to share, teach and motivate. Clay Blackmore, became an industry icon at a very early age and has never stopped giving to the industry and helping photographers to continuously raise the bar. His images are stunning...his ability to teach is amazing, but even more impressive is his passion for the craft!"

Skip Cohen
President, Marketing Essentials International

Andy Marcus

"I taught him everything I know, come to Clay's seminar and see if he remembers any of it... OR... I didn't know he was out of jail, but I guess he is. Check him out... BUT... this would probably work best though: If you want to learn about wedding photography there probably is no better person to learn from than Clay. He knows it all, traditional portraiture, photojournalism, and sales. His excitement is contagious - don't miss this opportunity!"

Andy Marcus
Wedding Photographer Extraordinaire

"Clay is a meteor. Grab and hold on and hope that some of his meteor dust will land on you... it will change your life - you'll never be the same again."

Phillip Charis
Portrait Artist

Mark Hamilotn

"Clay turned my photography and my business into pure gold! Avoid the pitfalls that can result from some instructors' approaches, or worse yet, trying to learn on your own. Today's demanding clients require you to be at the top of your game. Learn from somebody who knows the ropes... somebody who has truly mastered the game. Clay's the very best... period!"

Mark Hamilton
Toronto, Canada

Bill McIntosh

"I have known Clay since he was with Monte about 20 years ago. Since that time he has grown to be one of the most innovative portrait photographers and inspirational speakers in professional photography. His zest and enthusiasm for his art is unparalleled."

Bill McIntosh

Pete Wright

"Spending even the shortest amount of time listening to Clay and taking in his grand scope of knowledge in our industry is invaluable and his personality is such that you will have a blast while you are learning. Don't miss your chance to learn from a living legend and take home the tools that will change your business forever!"

Pete Wright





Continuing Education with MasterClasses

The PhotoFusion Revolution Crew

Clay Blackmore

Clay Blackmore

is one of the most passionate professional photographers in the country today and a true innovator in the world of wedding photography, portraiture, and HD Cinema content. Working out of Washington, DC, Clay's style blendes the beauty and timelessness of classical portraiture with spontaneity and appeal of photojournalism. Clay's photographic, business, and educational credentials were meticulously developed during his 25-year association with the legendary Monte Zucker as business partner, and co-teacher. One of only a few Canon Explorers of Light, Blackmore constantly lectures all over the world. A celebrity and society favorite, Blackmore's clients include such luminaries as Larry King, Forrest Whitaker, Jenna Elfman, and Maria Sharapova. Renowned for his ability to photograph groups and cover events, Clay is consistently hired by corporate entities as diverse as the PGA and USGA and is a popular request for political inaugural balls. Blackmore is currently the vice-president of the elite Cameracraftsmen of America

Jeff Medford

Jeff Medford

After graduating from Louisiana State University with a BA in psychology, Jeff was hired by the legendary Monte Zucker as his assistant. Jeff quickly rose to the position of business manager, responsible for all educational endeavors. He became the producer for all of Monte's of educational appearances worldwide, including classes in the U.S., Italy, England, Ireland, and Mexico in 2006 alone, culminating with his role as the creator and producer of the successful Imagination to Reality Tour later in the year, featuring Monte Zucker and Eddie Tapp. After Monte's passing in 2007, Jeff edited Monte's book, Monte Zucker's Portrait Photography Handbook, which was published posthumously by Amherst Media, and formed Monte Zucker Photographic Education, a business dedicated to continuing Monte's educational legacy. Jeff went on to produce the largest photographic educational tour of 2007, Capture & Creativity, featuring Clay Blackmore and Jane Conne-ziser. In 2008, he conceptualized, produced and began filming How to Photograph Everyone, a joint educational DVD and website project with Clay Blackmore which launches in September, 2010. Jeff's experience using Canon's HDSLR video capabilities for How To Photograph Everyone helped to spur the integration of HD Cinema content with Clay Blackmore's upscale portrait and wedding photography, leading to the development of full-service cinematic approach for Blackmore's clientele. Jeff's passion and enthusiasm for this new approach directly led to the development Photo-Fusion Revolution: The Future of Photography, which he created and is producing.


Ross Hockrow

IMDB Resume

Ross began his career as a filmmaker in 2006. His productions include several television commercials and more than 50 music videos for a variety of artists and genres. Ross has also written ten screenplays, three of which have been made into feature films, and two others which have been optioned by major film companies. Ross has been a member of the Writers' Guild since 2007. In 2008, he wrote and directed his first feature film, the internationally distributed "Detox," which was accepted to three film festivals and won Best Original Score at the Chasma Film Festival. In 2009 Ross directed his second feature film, Born Outside, which will be released later this year. In 2009 Ross joined Clay Blackmore and Jeff Medford as editor and director of photography for How To Photograph Everyone, while simultaneously writing, directing, and filming his third film, A Happy Ending, which was shot entirely on Canon's 5D Mk II and 7D cameras. Ross will be filming throughout the Photo Fusion Revolution tour, and will be creating a mockumentary-style feature film, which will be premiered at the WPPI convention in March of 2011.

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